Well here goes –

…..writing this puts me so far out of my comfort zone! I am not a natural writer, my spelling is awful, my grammar is worse but I want to get across how fantabulous hypnotherapy can be. Just like when you start a new relationship, get a new job, bring home a new pet, you want to tell everyone and can’t always understand why they do not share your enthusiasm.

Having hypnotherapy and subsequently learning how to use this technique to help others has greatly changed my life for the better. It is not just for depression or anxiety; it can help you live your life the way you want to in so many ways. Giving you that confidence to speak in public, to learn to drive, to believe in yourself. Helping you to improve your golf swing, to score the winning try, to beat your personal best. To visit the dentist, to take the spider out the room rather that you leave the room, to fly away to the sun, or to visit family. So many different things, some of them may seem small but to you, life changing.

To start at the beginning, one of the big things I have learnt is to give myself time, to look after number one – if I am not my best I cannot help others the way I want to. In this world of technology, we rarely give ourselves time to just be. Even when we are out with friends we have the need to check up on what we might be missing…would you take a book to the restaurant or local pub when out with friends and keep picking it up to read the odd page throughout the evening, yet checking your phone seems to be ok? Giving yourself time away from all the intrusions frees your mind to work at its best for the rest of the day.

When was the last time you stopped and had time out, real time out? Not watching the TV or flicking through Face book. When did you switch off your phone, sit down, relax and let you mind drift, allow it to sort through all the stresses of the day, all the good happy times. Properly have time for yourself. Even just 5 minutes. If you are anything like me I will guess that this rarely happens, yet it is so important. We wonder why we can’t sleep or why we forget things, why we feel stressed yet we don’t give ourselves, our mind, this important time to file the day’s activities to process what we have learnt.

Giving yourself just 5 minutes down time, 5 minutes switch off each day will make such a difference – if you can stretch it to 10 minutes even better. You don’t need to find a beautiful woodland or secluded beach, just somewhere you are comfortable, won’t be disturbed. Somewhere you can switch off phones maybe put some quiet, relaxing music on. If you feel the need, set an alarm for 10 minutes’ time so you know you won’t fall asleep and miss anything.

Take a few deep breaths, count down from 1 to 10 in your mind, slowly, breathing deeply between each breath. Just allow yourself to relax. Tell yourself you will be 5 minutes (or 10) Do not try to clear your mind, just let thoughts come and go. If you remember something you haven’t done just tell yourself, you will do it in 10 minutes.

Don’t force anything, just let it happen, if you at first feel tense do not worry about it, maybe tensing muscles then releasing them will help you relax.  There is no right or wrong way of doing this, it is unique to you. Just the process of 10 minutes’ quiet time, uninterrupted time, each day will soon show benefits in the rest of your day.

You have nothing to lose, so give it a go, each day for at least a week and see how much better you feel.


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