So, Happy Christmas to you all –

…..or is it? So many people do not find this time of year happy at all yet put on the mask of happiness for those around them. It is as though to be unhappy at this time of year is somehow worse than any other time of year. Well it is Christmas so you have to be happy, right?

It is perfectly ok to want to spend time alone at Christmas, I have spent many a Christmas with just my dogs for company and had a great time, to not go to any parties if that is not your thing. Drinking and being merry is not obligatory, neither is having a permanent smile on your face or being over jolly. If this is how you want to spend your Christmas holiday, then you shouldn’t be made to feel that it is somehow wrong to do so.

What is not OK, is if you do want to go to the parties, to be with your family and friends but that black cloud of depression, or the spiky anxiety monster is holding you back. What is not ok is that still, in this modern age, we are scared to admit we have issues with stress or depression or just lack of confidence, low self-esteem. So we put on the mask, play the confident happy soul but hate every minute of it.

I am very pleased to say I know of several people who will be enjoying another Christmas with their friends and family in just the way they want to since taking the plunge and giving hypnotherapy a try. It saddens me that it is often the last resort, the ‘it can’t hurt to give it a go’ as all people who I have seen have said they wished they had come to me sooner, lives changed for the better and each day each week always improving. Yet the stigma is still there as many of these lovely people feel uncomfortable telling others about it, so only their friends and family can see how amazing it is.

To tell others is admitting that there was a ‘problem’ in the first place. If I were a physiotherapist and helped ease a back pain to enable someone to go out dancing. A dietician who recommended a good diet to help someone get to the size they wanted to fit into that party outfit. A pharmacist who gave tablets to help ease the stresses of the day so someone can enjoy being with family. These things are all open positive things and talked about things. A Hypnotherapist can help you do all of those things and much more purely with the power of your mind – and that is where shutters come down. MIND = mental = nutter

Pain is an emotion – controlled in the mind

Lack of confidence can make you feel negative emotions – controlled in the mind

Being overweight can be due to emotional eating – controlled in the mind

Stress and anxieties – build-up of many emotions – controlled in the mind

Our mind and body, actions and reactions are all linked together, how we deal with them, how we approach issues in our daily lives effects the outcome. Taking back control of our minds, takes back control of our actions and how we react to situations. Being in the here and now, taking control, accepting who we are and what we want to be.

If you want to see how you can take control back of your life, whether a small part or a big change please call in, message, email whatever way is comfortable with you and let us together give you that Merry Christmas just how you want it to be.


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