I am sitting in my lovely warm Pod –

…..the sun is shining in between flurries of big white snowflakes. I have a nice cup of Lady Grey tea and life is feeling pretty good.

How are you this 2016, is your life going the way you want it to, is anything holding you back this year? Is this the year you are going to Kick Start your life and get it on the road you want it to be on?

Often at this time of year people join the gym, start another diet, join a fitness class – all of which is great if that is what makes you tick and that is what keeps you feeling happy. How many of you will still be going to the gym next month, or dieting happily, going to fitness class regularly?

We often think if only I where a size or 3 smaller I would be more confident and fitter and be able to do anything I want to. Then rush into getting to that size, totally going over the top, aching head to toe, starving, and often after week 2 or 3 feeling pretty bad, which leads to not going to the gym, to binge eating and feeling worse that we did to start with.

We need to look at the whole picture, at reasons why we might be overweight, lack confidence, low self-esteem. Look at different ways of addressing these issues. The gym is not for everyone, and that is ok, we are all individuals. The same goes for dieting, some people love the diet, love the social aspect of going to slimming clubs and we all like the feeling of achievement when we lose the weight, run for 5 minutes on the treadmill. But we then seem to punish ourselves even more if one week we gain a pound, can’t quite make 5 minutes, don’t meet our target.

So, you think if you were slimmer and fitter your life would be different and you would feel more confident and do more things? Do you really think that your weight is all that is stopping you?

How about we turn it round, if you began to feel more confident, to believe in yourself, do you then think that you would start to do different things, which in turn would lead to you changing size, getting fitter? For each person it will be a different thing, but we all know on the inside who we want to be, who we are, we just need to find ways of letting that person out, stop hiding behind weight, confidence, self-esteem issues. Could it really be that easy?

Kick Start 2016 is a 10-week programme that looks at lots of different things, the whole person, not just one part of the person. Getting together with friends in your own home, supporting each other, sharing with each other and continuing to do so after the course has finished. Setting goals for the group and yourself, or one to one personal sessions if that is what you prefer. It is about being the person on the inside, often that is the person your friends see anyway, it is you who are blind to them and put barriers up. Release the real you, gain confidence in who you are for yourself, because you are important, you are the most important person in your world.

Start looking at what really matters, and soon you will be just exactly who you want to be, doing just exactly what you want and should be doing.

Kick Start your life – only you are holding you back.


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