I am currently sitting in my –

…..new office space and feeling very excited about how this will affect my hypnotherapy business. It is all about keeping your eyes open and looking for opportunities, actively seeking ways forward.

For several weeks I have been concerned that I could not offer the flexibility to clients as I was limited to the days and times I could use a shared room. This in turn was limiting the number of new and existing clients I saw, and limiting the finances needed to get a better room. But maybe I was looking at it the wrong way round, instead of waiting to see if I got more clients before getting my own premises maybe I should be looking at what I could find to offer current and prospective clients, to encourage them to come to me.

Once you open your mind to different ways of thinking, of seeing the same issue from a different angle, the world becomes a bigger place, you open your eyes to new opportunities, see more than before. This does not mean you have to take the first thing that comes along or make any changes that don’t feel right. It just means you are now open to new experiences, new paths, new thoughts. Then when the right thing comes along you are much more likely to see it and grab it whilst you can.

This lovely little office space was purpose built to help new business get a good start on the ladder. Reasonable rent and a lot of personal support, back up and highly sought after, rarely becoming available. Had I still been in my mind-set of ‘I need more clients before I can grow’ I would not even have seen the advert tucked away on a comment on a friends Facebook page.

Taking that step back and looking at the world from a different view point can lead to whole new adventures, or simply make you appreciate the adventure you are on all the more.


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My vision is to assist and guide as many people as possible, with their daily lives, through individual, thoughtful and tailored hypnotherapy treatment.

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