Inner Child Workshop


Discover your Inner Child - Sunday, 14 January 2018 from 09:30–17:30 Nourish your Inner Child Laugh, love, play, eat, sleep – repeat! Would you like to rediscover your most precious gift – your inner child? Your inner child is your brilliance; it can teach you to forgive fast, have fun, create freely, speak the [...]

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Kick Start 2016


I am sitting in my lovely warm Pod - .....the sun is shining in between flurries of big white snowflakes. I have a nice cup of Lady Grey tea and life is feeling pretty good. How are you this 2016, is your life going the way you want it to, is anything holding [...]

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Merry Christmas


So, Happy Christmas to you all - .....or is it? So many people do not find this time of year happy at all yet put on the mask of happiness for those around them. It is as though to be unhappy at this time of year is somehow worse than any other time of year. [...]

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Change of View


I am currently sitting in my - .....new office space and feeling very excited about how this will affect my hypnotherapy business. It is all about keeping your eyes open and looking for opportunities, actively seeking ways forward. For several weeks I have been concerned that I could not offer the flexibility to clients as [...]

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Welcome to my first blog


Well here goes - .....writing this puts me so far out of my comfort zone! I am not a natural writer, my spelling is awful, my grammar is worse but I want to get across how fantabulous hypnotherapy can be. Just like when you start a new relationship, get a new job, bring [...]

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