Amanda Hopper Hypnotherapy

Helping you to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Hypnotherapy helped changed my life for the better….

and I would love it to change yours too.

When the opportunity to train as a hypnotherapist came to me I jumped at it, and I haven’t looked back. I am now able to offer real help to those who need it, real help that will make a difference and enable people to live their lives how they want to live them. To get rid of those anxieties, fears, low self-esteem once and for all – with no medication and no long term treatments – often only 1 or 2 sessions are needed.

I have lived with depression and anxiety since childhood, been on and off medication and had many forms of counselling, all of which helped at the time but the depression kept coming back. I had the opportunity to try Hypnotherapy and thankfully gave it a go – WOW- my whole life started to change for the better, the depression was controlled and over time went completely, anxieties conquered and confidence levels 100% greater.

I treat all my clients with respect, utmost confidentiality, each one of you is unique and the sessions are tailored to you. I always see it as an honour to be the person you have chosen to trust in this part of your life journey and seeing the positive results time and again is pure joy.

I trained with Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis which was founded in 1998. It is now one of the UK’s largest independent training organisations.

My Hypnotherapy services are based working out of Broomhouse Farmhouse, a beautiful country house set in relaxing peaceful grounds just south of Berwick upon Tweed and set back off the A1, with easy access across the borders and Northumberland. On occasion I may also be able to arrange home visits so please do not hesitate to contact me if travel is an issue for you.

Amanda Hopper Values

To bring clarity and peace of mind to clients, enabling them to progress and develop as they wish.

My vision is to assist and guide as many people as possible, with their daily lives, through individual, thoughtful and tailored hypnotherapy treatment.

To treat every patient with love, care, respect and confidentiality.